CircAid Reduction Kit Knee


A new innovative way to treat lymphedema during the active phase of treatment. The CircAid Reduction Kit replaces compression bandaging in an easy to apply and adjustable compression system.

The CircAid Reduction Kit is a new, innovative way to treat lymphedema during the early decongestive stages of treatment. This kit replaces traditional compression bandages, saving time and increasing the patients freedom and quality of life. Without having to make frequent trips to the therapist for wrapping the patient is able to easily remove and reapply the Reduction Kit, allowing normal bathing and less intrusion on their everyday lives.

The Built-In-Tension System allows you to make small adjustments to the garment as your leg reduces. After significant reductions, the therapist or clinic can adjust or customize the Reduction Kit. Combine with the Lower Leg and Upper Leg Reduction Kits for full leg compression.

Each Knee Reduction Kit includes:

  • 1 reduction knee component
  • 1 reduction shelf strap
  • 2 Velcro knee spines
  • 1 paper measuring tape
  • 1 directions for use
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