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We use medi vision 3-D scanning to create customized compression garments. This technology makes the fitting experience easier and faster resulting in a better patient experience. The scans are quick, only 90 seconds, which means a reduction in the time a patient needs to stand and it all happens without a measuring tape! 

It’s also convenient! Like the rest of our services, it is mobile. There is no need to go to a clinic or fitting center when we can come to you. All of this leaves more time for the education and treatment of lymphedema. The integrated software also allows for garment selection and easy ordering, including colors and options, after your fitting is complete.

Everyday in the US there are over 4 million breast cancer survivors that struggle with lymphedema. In fact, up to 50% of patients will develop it. Catching it early, while it is manageable, is key. Using LymphaTech we can detect early signs of lymphedema from breast cancer. It allows us to intervene early and possibly prevent chronic lymphedema which can cause a reduction in quality of life and higher healthcare costs.

In 60 seconds we will know, with reliable accuracy, even small changes in circumference and volume. We track changes over time and percent differences are calculated which allows you to know your progression instantly.

Convenient, accurate, fast. Give us a call to put our technology to work for you!

Lymphedema is a major priority for accrediting organizations and other groups that define best practices in cancer treatment & survivorship

NAPBC - National Accreditation For Breast Centers

The NAPBC requires member clinics to perform or refer to regular surveillance of lymphedema for breast cancer survivors including rehabilitation and support.

The American Cancer Society recommends that all cancer survivors receive regular screening for lymphedema during medical check-ups, including measurements of the affected area of the body.

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Our complete decongestive therapy techniques will reduce swelling and improve your lymph flow and venous return. After the process is complete, you will be healthier than before, and you’ll have the tools and training you need to stay that way.

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