Englewood, Florida Parkinson’s Therapy Services

Parkinson’s, LSVT Big®, Therapy offered in Englewood, Florida

Englewood is one of the  best places to live in Florida. It’s close to the beaches, has great weather, and is a great place to raise a family.

It has so much to offer to people of all ages. Children can  go to great schools, there are plenty of things to do for families, and seniors can enjoy a plethora of activities that are available in Englewood.

There’s something for everyone in Englewood. It’s no wonder that it’s such a popular place to live.

You can also find some great restaurants in Englewood ranging from mom and pop seafood restaurants to something a little more upscale, like local steakhouses and Italian restaurants. No matter what your taste, you’ll be able to find something delicious in Englewood.

If you are looking for a place to heal, Englewood is also a perfect choice. With its close proximity to the beaches, you can enjoy the sun and the water while you explore treatment options and find ways to strengthen your body and mind. If you have a Parkinson’s diagnosis and live in Englewood, you are closer to help and hope than you realize.

What is Parkinson's Disease and who can have it?

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the brain. It usually develops slowly, and the symptoms can be different for everyone. The main symptoms are tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement, and problems with balance.

Anyone can develop PD, but it is most common in people over the age of 60. It is slightly more common in men than in women. There is no single cause of PD, but it is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

What are the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?

The symptoms of PD can be different for everyone. The most common symptoms are:

Tremor: This is when you have an uncontrolled shaking, usually in your hand or arm.

Rigidity: This is when your muscles become very stiff and difficult to move.

Slowness of movement (bradykinesia): This is when it becomes difficult to start moving and your movements are slower than normal.

Problems with balance: This can make you feel unsteady on your feet or cause you to fall over.

These symptoms can make everyday activities, such as getting dressed or eating, very difficult.

How is Parkinson's Disease diagnosed?

There is no single test that can diagnose PD. Instead, the diagnosis is usually made based on your medical history and a physical examination. Your doctor may also order some tests, such as blood tests or brain scans.

How is Parkinson's Disease treated?

There is no cure for PD, but there are treatments that can help to improve your symptoms. The most common treatments are:

  • Medication: There are several different types of medication that can be used to treat PD. These include levodopa, dopamine agonists, and MAO-B inhibitors.
  • Surgery: In some cases, surgery may be an option. This includes deep brain stimulation (DBS) and pallidotomy.
  • Physiotherapy: This can help you to improve your movement and balance.
  • Occupational therapy: This can help you to adapt to everyday activities, such as dressing and eating.
  • Speech therapy: This can help you with any problems you have with speaking or swallowing.


Living with PD can be difficult, but there is support available. There are many different charities and organizations that can offer help and advice.

Functional Transformational Mobile Rehab Offers LSVT BIG® Therapy for Parkinson’s Patients

Functional Transformational Mobile Rehab (FTMR) offers LSVT BIG® therapy for our patients with Parkinson’s disease. LSVT BIG® is an evidence-based therapy that has been shown to improve the quality of life for patients with PD.

LSVT BIG® is a form of physical therapy that focuses on improving the movement of patients with PD. The therapy is delivered by a certified LSVT BIG® therapist.

The main goal of LSVT BIG® therapy is to help patients with PD improve their quality of life. The therapy has been shown to improve symptoms, such as tremor, rigidity, and bradykinesia. It can also help to improve balance and improve walking.

If you are interested in LSVT BIG® therapy, please contact FTMR today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the therapy and how it can help you.

We are committed to helping our patients improve their quality of life and reach their goals.That’s why, we go beyond the extra mile and offer mobile therapy services so our clients won’t need to commute. We understand that transportation can be difficult with Parkinson’s. We always strive our best to make it easier for our clients.

If you are looking for a team of dedicated professionals to help you live your best life, contact FTMR today.

Experience the Best Life in Englewood, FL

It’s not too late to  live your dream life and achieve everything you’ve ever wanted in Englewood, FL.

Don’t let Parkinson’s stop you from doing things that will make you feel alive. With our help, you can enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean, eat at your favorite restaurants, and join communities that will help support your journey with Parkinson’s.

If you’re ready to take your life back, contact FTMR today. We can’t wait to start working with you and help you achieve your goals.

Other services we provide to our Englewood Community are Lymphedema Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.

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